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Community Compassion and Leadership

A symposium to honour the work and legacy of Professor John West-Burnham. This event will be chaired by Dame Alison Peacock. Professor Mick Waters will be amongst the speakers

Thursday, 30 November at 17:15 in London. Click the heading or here for more about the event and to order tickets.



After the Crisis: What’s next for teacher education policy in England? 

The last five years, in particular, have seen unprecedented challenges to initial teacher education in England, consequent to the imposition of the ‘Core Content Framework’ and the ‘Market Review’ by the Westminster government. Join the panel, including NVEG member Melissa Benn, to discuss what comes next after the crisis from their perspectives as contributors to the recent anthology Teacher Education in Crisis: The State, the Market and the Universities in England edited by Viv Ellis. Sat, 16 Dec 2023 10:30 – 12:00  at UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society, 20 Bedford Way London WC1H 0AL. Click the heading or here for details and tickets.



A Public Good Approach: Learning from Ireland’s Early Education and Childcare Reform

A brief written by Professor Eva Lloyd OBE on the development and implementation of Ireland’s new funding model for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) describing how successive governments in Ireland worked with external partners, including academics, sector experts, unions, parent groups and voluntary sector associations to develop and implement fundamental reforms. The paper aims to offer opportunities for learning to enrich discussions about routes to reform in England.




Social Research for our Times

Social Research for our Times brings together different generations of researchers from the University College London’s Thomas Coram Research Unit to share some of the most important results of their studies. Two sections of the book focus on the main findings and conclusions from research into children and children services, and on family life, minoritised groups and gender. A third section is then devoted to the innovative methods that have been developed and used to undertake research in these complex areas. Edited by Claire Cameron, Alison Koslowski, Alison Lamont and Peter Moss. Published 6 November 2023, open access.