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Teaching the World’s Teachers,

Many countries confront surprisingly similar challenges in preparing K–12 educators for success, while national contexts also make for surprising differences. Teaching the World’s Teachers, edited by education historians Lauren Lefty and James Fraser (Johns Hopkins University Press 2020), makes a convincing case for approaching these shared challenges from a more global and historically minded perspective. The book includes a chapter ‘Crisis and Opportunity in Teacher Preparation in England’ by NVEG member Richard Andrews.


Sir Peter Newsam and Sir Tim Brighouse

We report with great sadness the death of NVEG member Sir Peter Newsam, pioneering educationist who expanded comprehensive schooling in London and went on to chair the Commission for Racial Equality. and that of the NVEG co -founder and  Past Chair Sir Tim Brighouse described as one of the great educators of the century and a delightful human being.



The World Education Summit takes place 18th -21st March 2024.  Amongst the speakers will be  NVEG members Dr Jo Boaler, Dame Alison Peacock, Brian Lightman, Malcolm Groves and Professor Iram Siraj.

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The A to Z of Primary Maths by Kate Frood available now from Amazon



The New Political Economy of Teacher Education co authored by Warwick Mansell together with Viv Ellis and Lauren Gatti



Written Evidence from Professor Gemma Moss to the House of Commons Education Committee’s inquiry into OFSTED



Education policy – Why we need long-term vision and bold opposition

Melissa Benn highlights concerns about the detrimental impact of short-term policymaking on England’s education system and discusses the need for a more dynamic approach



Beyond OFSTED Inquiry

NVEG members Dame Alison Peacock and Melissa Benn sat as members of the Beyond OFSTED Inquiry which reported on its findings on 20th N0vember 2023 calling for an end to school level inspections. Go here to read the report and see too a commentary from University College London



The British Educational Research Association (BERA) Public Engagement and Impact Award recognises and celebrates the impact of research and practice in the education community and how both have demonstrably engaged the public. The award is presented annually.

The 2023 award has been presented to the University of Oxford’s Education Department “Effective Provision of Preschool, Primary and Secondary Education” (EPPSE) study team for their work  transforming Early Education policy and practice.

The award winning team members are NVEG members Professor Iram Siraj and Professor Kathy Sylva together with Professor Emeritus Pamela Sammons, Professor Edward Melhuish and Brenda Taggart.



A Public Good Approach: Learning from Ireland’s Early Education and Childcare Reform

A brief written by Professor Eva Lloyd OBE on the development and implementation of Ireland’s new funding model for Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) describing how successive governments in Ireland worked with external partners, including academics, sector experts, unions, parent groups and voluntary sector associations to develop and implement fundamental reforms. The paper aims to offer opportunities for learning to enrich discussions about routes to reform in England.





Social Research for our Times

Social Research for our Times brings together different generations of researchers from the University College London’s Thomas Coram Research Unit to share some of the most important results of their studies. Two sections of the book focus on the main findings and conclusions from research into children and children services, and on family life, minoritised groups and gender. A third section is then devoted to the innovative methods that have been developed and used to undertake research in these complex areas. Edited by Claire Cameron, Alison Koslowski, Alison Lamont and Peter Moss. Published 6 November 2023, open access.