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Developing a new locality model for English schools

Comment here on the Report from Susan Cousin and Jonathan Crossley-Holland proposing a new model for the schools system in England

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An invitation to NVEG members to a post pandemic education debate

On 19th January 2021, members of the New Visions for Education Group, meeting on Zoom, heard from Shadow Schools Minister Wes Streeting about the Labour Party's policy initiatives for post-pandemic education in England. At that meeting Wes Streeting spoke about his willingness to receive contributions from the Group. Sir Alasdair Macdonald, Chair of the Group, is inviting members of the Group to take up the challenge and take part in a vitally important new debate. 

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Transforming Education

Rarely does the opportunity arise to stand back and re-examine all that we think we know. For all the hardship, tragedy and frustration it has brought, COVID-19 should at least provide us with such an opportunity. There are those who want simply to restore comfortably all that there was before and there are others, like Professor John White, who want to learn lessons and make changes for the future. In this radical reappraisal of the nature and purpose of our education system, John sets out the case for his new vision for education.

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Transforming Educati...

GCSEs - the future after COVID

After the experience of teacher assessment during the pandemic in 2020 what future is there for public exams

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Exam based assessmen...

Local government left out again

Discuss John Fowler’s article here

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Local Government lef...